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Tales of Syncretic Punjab- Moulavi, Jatt and Eidi

Once in Punjab, a turbaned and bearded Jatt saw a happy Moulavi coming back with a lot of money donated to him for his sermon on Eid.

Jatt desired that wealth and he decided to get it Halal (fair) way. He asked the Moulavi whether he would like to bet his newly earned wealth. Moulavi said okay, and asked what is it he is going to bet on? Jatt said, if I tell you what is in your heart, your newly minted wealth from the sermon is mine. Moulavi was amused, well, his heart was excited about the Mutton curry with Nans (bread) his wife has promised to cook for Eid. Moulavi with amused looks said ‘Okay, tell me what does my heart desire? If it’s true. All this money I have earned today will be yours.’ The Jatt said your heart desires Allah. The Moulavi had confused looks in his face. If he says the truth, that he was actually desiring Mutton curry and not Allah, the believers are nearby and they will beat the hell out of him or if he says yes, Allah is what he desires he loses all his wealth. He said ‘Oh you’re right, ofcourse Allah is in my heart’ and decided to hand over his wealth to the Jatt.

Before he did that, he asked the Jatt, that if he tells him what is in the heart of the Jatt, can the money be restored back to him.

Jatt said ‘Okay, go ahead’. Moulavi used the same technique as that of the Jatt and said ‘Waheguru is what you desire’. Jatt was like ‘Oh, no, no, no brother no, we are the worshippers of Naina Devi and we desire Goddess and Goddess alone’. Poor Moulavi lost all his earnings of Eid to the eclectic Punjabis.