Live a rebellious life like Amrita Pritam

In her autobiography ਰਸੀਦੀ ਟਿਕਟ, Amrita Pritam, the poet laureate of Punjabi shares an anecdote.
It was the time when Amrita left everything behind, even her love for Sahir Ludhianvi. She joined Imroz in Mumbai, they lived a very economical life, working hard and staying within one’s little means.
Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari, the aged patriarch of Punjabi literature visits them. Preetlari is known for his works on human potential and emancipation. Looking at the very ‘working class’ life of Amrita, Preetlari questions Amrita, he condemns her for her rebellion against the society, family and the others. He rudely says that Amrita called for this misery on herself. According to him, she should have stayed behind and lived a ‘normal and happy life,’ i.e. staying with her former husband and life.
Reading emancipatory works of Preetlari, Amrita thought Preetlari was an ally, an ally of lovers and revolutionaries. He turned out to be the opposite of that.
We all want to be Amrita in our lives, we do that by organizing little rebellions in our niche spaces, and we all have Preetlari like well-wishers. The tragedy of our lives is that there are Preetlari like people in our lives, who overwhelm us, they say that they are our well-wishers, and yet they spend their time questioning our risky decisions, asking us to not take the rebellious path.
Yes, when risky and rebellious decisions are taken, there are going to be places where we will fall apart, where we will be more miserable than before, and at that very precise moment, we should distance ourselves from the likes of Preetlari. We need inspiring people, friends who stand by us even in our wrong decisions and not the well-wishers like Preetlari.
Today in the court of the history, Preetlari is doomed and referred as a hypocrite. The magazine he founded is still in the market, recycling content published by the Sanghi magazine Organizer.
And Amrita, she stands firm, her legacy is way more profound than Preetlari, her autobiography inspires many to fall in love, take risks and her lover Imroz goes on celebrating Amrita by declaring: ਜਸ਼ਨ ਜਾਰੀ ਹੈ (Celebration goes on).

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