Feminism and Gay Activism: The Queer Reflection on the Tele-series Dietland

Dietland“You know what is radical. Women (even men) just accepting what they look like.”- Dietland.

Imagine if feminists decide to become militant to do away with historical injustices and teach the patriarchy a lesson, once for all. I’m not sure whether they will be ever revengeful, feminism is about reconciliation and resistance and challenging norms but not in the conventional way, where arms and ammunition are the only way to solve the problem.

If there is any movement, which is non-violent to its core, it is the feminist movement. With changing times, they are not merely critiquing the patriarchy but even the set of standards about beauty and body outlook, instilled by patriarchy. The Queer movement, which is largely driven by privileged cis-gendered homosexual men, falls short in doing so. Instead of challenging hetero-normative body norms, they are being now imposed as a homo-normative way to live a life, where you should have a bangable body, that’s all matters.

Once I was meeting a Brahmin gay activist, who is also part of the momentum to dismantle Section 377 and writes regularly in newspapers and journals about law and sexuality, he is quite a celebrated figure in liberal circles. While talking to him, I referred to one of my female queer activist friends. And he was like ‘Oh that plum girl’ as if the identity of that girl is reduced to his mere body type, which is his reference point. I was offended so was the girl whom I told about the encounter with Mr. Gay savior.


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