Suburbanisation of education!

I have come to a conclusion that the premier academic institutions (read universities/colleges) are merely consultant producing factories, where students don’t aspire to become the citizens of the lively planet earth and be a part of great human project to generate knowledge and better lives of all planetary beings.
Most of them, seek their future as consultants in big private companies, international institutions which publish glossy paper reports, have large bureaucracies and do very little transformation on ground, talk all faff and in the air. They all want to have a house in the suburbs of the city, with the life moving between the dichotomy of personal and professional and the day ends in front of the television screen with whiskey on lips and once in a while boring vanilla sex. Later, I am sure a lot of them will suffer from mid-life crisis, trying to make sense of their worth and existence, some will start new ventures, some may find new discreet sex partners and others will just move through the crisis and maintain status quo, and few will meet the fate of female protagonist of the movie Revolutionary Road.


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