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Drawings of the cave- Amrita Pritam

I have been commanded to start the ‘great translation project’ which I have been thinking about from a very a long time on the day of incarnation, here is the translation of Amrita Pritam‘s poem- “Drawings of the cave”, and with that it begins!

On that day, Sun-WP_20160417_12_02_20_Pro (2)
when came on the door of a cave
dressed in the colors of royalty
One is not sure- from the cave
what desires erupted

Sun bowed
And entered the cave from its narrow entrance
and inside- on the walls of the cave
looked at the drawings of human existence

On a rock he sat
Drawings became alive, they laughed
and said
the one who moves from existence, via the path of existence
He cannot be painted

The rays blinked to look at the walls of the cave
Stationary being transcended
When the frozen body of Sun
shaken by time
from being heavenly, he became earthy
He removed his royal clothes
and while sitting on the rock
he wore the walls of the cave

I am not sure about the age of this story
but one thing I know- there was a time
while looking at the drawings on the walls of a cave
Sun became dervish…

Amrita Pritam
– 30 August, 1994