Wahabism – a New Elephant in the Room

I’m just amazed by humanity and its failure to understand the basic complexities. We have a new enemy called – Wahabism, a mere philosophy- product of its time, in the room. Founder of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab preached the same in 18th century, which  Martin Luther (not to be confused with Martin Luther King) propagated in 15th century, or Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 19th century. They all desired ‘cleansing’ of their respective religious philosophies.  It will be worthwhile to say Abd al Wahab was Martin Luther or Swami Dayanand of Islam.

By stating that I’m not celebrating or condemning either of the three. Abd al Wahhab’s mission was preaching puritanical Islam.  Martin Luther called for public murder of Jews. Swami Dayanand and his successors preached shudhikaran (purification) militantly. Violence comes handy to such philosophies. Reading history is like walking on the edge of a sharp sword. There is no right and wrong, good and evil in history.

Current regimes in Middle East espouse Wahabism and Kharijite philosophies. In its intent these philosophies are mere frameworks and in most cases boring texts. Instead of creating new enemies, initiating a blame game and collective condemnation of Wahabism, one needs to understand the strands of geo-political economy, and ways war industry operates and makes use of dormant ideologies and religious beliefs for its benefit.

Abd al Wahhab or Martin Luther have very little to do with the modern day war industry and oil politics.

Iran is a classy example of how oil politics laid foundations of a theocratic state. Oil politics thrashed the democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh’s government. Installed tyrant Shah back on throne. Reactionary forces allied with Ayatollah Khomeini and with that a puritanical ‘Shia’ regime was founded in Iran.  There are many more aspects of what happened in Iran. I have chosen to highlight few to articulate my argument.

In past all communists were terrorists, after that all Muslims became terrorists- now we are getting more specific and calling all Wahabis to be terrorists. Naah, these shady narratives are never going to resolve the issue at hand. We need to open our eyes to larger geo-political war games of nation states and the fight for resources.


2 thoughts on “Wahabism – a New Elephant in the Room

  1. What a great writing work eye opener
    It’s looking at reality ,telling the truth
    It’s not just like blame someone and save your skin,it is searching root cause of unrest in Islamic world
    It has given words for those people who remained unheared

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