Once upon a time

in distant lands

two beings met on crossroads of their lives.

They started talking

about earth, water, sun, cities, people

about everything a delicate human mind can think of…

Minutes became hours, hours became days, days became weeks, months, years, ages and so on…

They were naked.

In love

yes, they were in love.

The idea of love was very discomforting to them.

There was past.

Wounds split open as if some one rubbed salt on them.

They followed the course, drowned in love

thinking that they will be healed of their memories.

One day, one was asked to shift to the east,

Other moved to west.

Distance became larger than life.

Alas! they met again.

They looked into the eyes of each other.

Silence as infinite as universe prevailed.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, ages went by.

They took a long breath together.

Within a blink

without any smile dancing on their lips

with no promise to meet again.

They walked away from each other.


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