Why I shall not participate in Queer Pride March!

Let me make a confession here, I’m no expert in Gender studies or much popular queer theory. My understanding is based on my own experiences with the rainbow movement and the reflection of it is presented here.

Most movements related to identity tend to be exclusive and assertive, for justified historical and contemporary reasons. The movement of alternative sexualities which is now referred to as LGBTIQ or Queer movement was, in theory, believed to be far more inclusive than the others. It was an umbrella under which all those -whose way of living and beliefs were opposed to “patriarchal hetero- normative lifestyle” were welcome. If all “inclusive” theories are transformed in reality, I must say that world would have been a better place to live in. Sadly that either rarely happens or it takes centuries to make it a reality.

These days there is a major uproar about the ‘Sanskritization of Dalits’ and their new found love for political Hindu right in middle class ‘liberal’ households. Those conversations are published almost every day in National Dailies. What is not talked about, is, how there are many Dalit organizations who are engaged in political homework ensuring that Dalits instead of being political tools of right and left, choose outfits who represent them in word and spirit. Their work is Mammoth like and is far more exponential than the tilt on the right side. Coming back to the conversation here, there are more “Queers” (better say upper middle class gay men) who are moving towards fascist right than Dalits. And the numbers aren’t small. They may wear the façade of liberal left, consider themselves to be agnostic about political discourse, but at heart it is the casteist and Islamophobic speeches of Vivekananda, Golwalkar and Savarkar which guides them. Because of their class and caste they are far more visible and at times considered to be the “most appropriate representatives of rainbow movement”. They are funded by World Bank to conduct the studies of marginalization of alternative sexualities, invited to conferences and referred as champions of human rights. Not going to list down the names, to witty and intelligent beings, hint is enough.

Like for all upper caste/class Hindus and whites, for gay men too- Muslims (in India) are responsible for their ‘marginalization’, yes, All India Muslim Personal Law Board was a lead petitioner supporting installation of Section 377 with a Christian organization, but it is also worth remembering that there was significant outrage in Muslim community which rejected the stand of law board. And most of it was published in newspapers, brought forward in electronic and social media. Still they tend to believe that personal law board is a representative of all Muslims in India, and using that argument I can also say Vishwa Hindu Parishad & Rashtriya Sevamsevak Sangh represent true Hindu values and views, I shall refrain from doing that.

Furthering what I said about Queer- Muslim relationship, a lot of Trans-men and women don’t find accommodation in upper caste Hindu localities like Jayanagara & JP Nagar, they in all probabilities, stay in Dalits & Muslim ghettos which are nothing but “Mini Pakistans” according to their lens.

That outrage and accommodation seems to be lost and Muslims are all responsible for pushing the homosexuals at the periphery. If we go by the words of these ‘gay activists’, it’s all obvious that Swami Ramdev (a proud Hindu Yoga Master), Subramanyam Swamy (a Brahmin Hindu Politician) and Praveen Togadia are all Muslims.

These upper caste/class gay activists demonize Muslims for the acts being undertaken in Saudi Arabia & Iran which according to them represent true face of Islam without understanding the source of tyrannical regimes and history- sociology of those societies, and ignoring that at home similar things are done to Dalits and women- in particular almost on daily basis. Still, Hindus and Hinduism are the most liberal set of people and religion through the lens of these saviors of mankind.

Adding further “Queer” discourse in India is now limited homosexuality or same sex love orientation alone. The fluidity of sexuality and identities is being forgotten. And a new binary is being constructed where one can either be a homosexual or heterosexual, there are no in betweens, if there are any, they are probably “confuse people”. And this makes Queer Movement-  merely homosexual or “gay”movement and the marches “gay” or “homosexual” pride marches. To extend my allegation further for the ‘gay pride march’ this year, organizers in my own city begged money from clubs which clearly mentions as a norm, that no trans and cross dressers allowed. Hopefully in the days to come the begging bowls for pride will be forwarded to GM Food, Mining and other multinational companies with pathetic human rights and ethics record.

There are many more things which are not talked about here, but pinch me and force me to boycott these marches which celebrate one sexuality, one class, and belief – similar to Nazi and Fascist rhetoric behind the façade of diversity.

Those who are offended by this post and consider that- it is nothing more than propaganda of an attention seeking middle class boy should rather come out and dismantle these allegations than participating in hijacked marches.


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