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Why is Indian academia so despicable?!

‘Why is academia so despicable?’ or ‘Why are you so dismissive about the academia?’ These are the questions poured on me every day. Before answering those two questions let me make one confession- I’m very happy that it is better we don’t have doctorates educated in Cambridge or Chicago ruling us anymore. Irrespective of the fact that there is a complete fascist takeover of Indian state I’m very much content about it.  

Why do I say that?

When the progressive academia was busy in masturbating over the disagreements in the various texts- the right wing mongrels were constructing rain water harvesting structures, opening schools and teaching organic farming to farmers. They were providing food to starving population.  Through their stooge saints they were engaged in supplying water to drought prone areas, energy through solar in the dark villages and urban settlements and housing for those who were merely the subjects of dissertations and ignored by educated, secular and progressive Indian political class. The fascists chose to write in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada but the secularism and progression can be only best reflected in English, that ways at-least we have a government and ruling elite speaking in the language of the ruled ones.

Considering our social fabric- Brahmins were always at the top farting from their fat asses with near to no contribution in bettering the social conditions. Instead of displacing the clergy class, through increased emphasis on theoretical education we have rather created new purist cult which prefer giving sermons to already bored well-dressed competitive masses.

With the overflowing arrogance the academia is more dismissive about change from grassroots than ever before. Those who do nothing except critiquing neo-liberalism over French rose wine in Taj Vivanta are more cynical and pessimist than those who toil every day to sort and sell waste for better education of their children and saner future for themselves.

There are many apolitical social upheavals happening across India. Many of them have done good work and have inclusive and holistic vision. Sadly, the academic elite have too many problems with each one of them. The only time they engage with any of these movements is when the international and multi-lateral agencies pour down some money in their coffers. With bloated stomachs full of Dollars and Euros, they romanticize extreme poverty and despair. They inform us how poor also have stories to share. But they aren’t articulate enough, so we have been hired as consultants to voice the voiceless marginalized folks.

It is highly recommended that Indian state should stop subsidizing universities like Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institute of Management and Technology institutes. Their total contribution to growth and welfare of the country will be meager in front of the illiterate or semi literate informal economy work-force. Informal economy –I’m confident that very few in academia want to incorporate its features and behavior in their classroom curriculum. 

Barring Tata Institute of Social Sciences I’ve not seen a single researcher affiliated to major universities and colleges graying his hair in informal settlements and villages. But I’ve seen a lot of them in air conditioned conference halls discussing how the taste of Tuborg is different from Carlsberg in a conference on subalterns in India. 

The tards who call themselves as Professor can get consultancies to keep the fuel in their kitchen flaming. They should be thrown out of universities in first place. The isolated citadels which only breed competitiveness and arrogance should be dismantled. State should rather invest more in elementary education. Increase and regularize the salary of elementary teachers, train them to facilitate classrooms in efficient way, provide better facilities for elementary schools. They deserve more respect than the academia at higher level. They are the ones who build foundations, take tiny toddlers from real to abstract. At least they don’t bore their students with theoretical frameworks, Utopian ideas and live off the miseries of others.

Indian academia has lost its empathy long ago, now it is at the verge of losing whatever sanity it ever had. I hope sooner than later that the ‘voiceless marginalized folks’ slap and get rid of their fancy messiahs who prefer conferences over a long ride to a forgotten mohalla in the city.