me and Nanak

I overheard unsettling words about him

To keep his honor Nanak

I chose to be armed

But his honor needs no guard


All those who talk about him

I listen to them all

worshipers, scholars, followers and militants

But his own words remain unheard


He was nothing

Neither Muslim, Hindu nor Sikh

I want an identity, a religion

It is must for me


He prefers drowning in rivulets

and loves nomadic life

I chose to close the door

and held the booklet of his hymns


According to his word, I believe in the unity of God

But for me, mankind is not one

The unweary wanderer is saddened


all because of me


I’m trying to be his student (Sikh)

He is waiting for me to evolve as Nanak. –Sukhpal, Punjabi Poet

From the book ‘Rehann Kithaao Naahi/ ਰਹਣੁ ਕਿਥਾਊ ਨਾਹਿ’ -Punjab 1978-1993

My humble attempt to translate the poem of my favorite poet Sukhpal, who wrote this poem during the dark period of Punjab. Lets revisit Nanak, and listen to his words again on the eve of Operation Blue Star. Do share your thoughts on translation


5 thoughts on “me and Nanak

  1. Hey Kabir, great post regarding Sarbat Khalsa. By the way, regarding this translated poem – Nanak and me – again very nicely written. I was wondering if you could also post the original poem in Punjabi – would love to read it. Thanks in advance.

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